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Spanish design company is looking for a partner to distribute a waterproof accessory

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A Spanish (Basque) design SME has developed a waterproof bag. The key advantage of this accessory is its size, perfectly fitted for smartphones or keys. The company is looking for partners capable of producing the bag under a distribution agreement.



Lots of people go to beaches every summer where they leave their belongings unguarded while they go swimming or doing any other different aquatic sport. Having your belongings stolen while you are having fun in the water is always a possibility. The best way to avoid it and gain security is having the most important stuff with you. But carrying a big waterproof bag in the water with your keys, telephone and wallet may also be annoying. Same may happen going to the swimming pool or to a spa.
A Spanish (Basque) SME has designed and patented a minimal waterproof bag which is perfect to carry your smartphone with you while you are in the water. The company is specialized in innovative designs and solutions, winning numerous awards throughout the years. Examples of their designs are a 95% recyclable chair or the design of wall chargers for electric vehicles.
The product consists of 5 items with a very intuitive use. The bag can be hung either around your neck or inside any swimsuit or lycra. The materials used in the items are silicone (provides elasticity and is ideal in saline environments), rubber (natural and adaptable) and polyester and cotton (they provide visibility, softness and fast drying). The materials used make it a sustainable product as it substitutes plastic and it is environmentally friendly. These materials also allow a 40m waterproof solution. Its performance has been tested under real conditions by an accredited laboratory in the Basque Country. The degree of protection has been certified according to the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 60529: 1989+A1:1999+A2: 2013; this certification refers to degrees of protection provided by enclosures. In addition, IPX08 CERTIFICATION has been received. Moreover, electronic controls are still functional inside the bag. It will be a useful gadget for surfers. According to latest studies, there are 35 million surfers worldwide. And this bag may be used in all aquatic sports, with limitless uses. Not only smartphones fit inside the bag, but other precious small objects can also be kept there; such as earrings or rings.
The company is looking for manufacturers in order to distribute the waterproof bag. It would be preferable that the manufacturer worked with waterproof materials or made aquatic sports equipment.

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The Spanish SME is looking for a manufacturer who has worked before with waterproof materials. The product design involves five items. The bag, two rings and two laces. The manufacturer will be in charge of the distribution of the product. The bag is made of silicone, the rings are made of rubber and the laces are polyester and cotton.

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Available for demonstration

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The company seeks partners in form of an industrial company that has expertise working with aquatic waterproof materials. The partner is expected to distribute the waterproof bag according to the specifications for carrying smartphones.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,SME 51-250,>500


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