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A private Israeli company that designs and manufactures state of the art rubber and plastic products, seeking joint venture, outsourcing and subcontracting partnerships.

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Plastics, Polymers
Surgical instrumentation and equipment
Polymer (plastics) materials
Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts
Textiles (synthetic and natural)
Manufacture of other rubber products
Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles
Manufacture of other plastic products


A private company specializing in both rubber and plastic solutions, with over 60 years of experience, having been established in Israel in 1956. The company operates a strict quality assurance and control system, with in house R&D and engineering capabilities. The company seeks to create joint venture and outsourcing agreements, as well as an interest in subcontracting.



This company was established in Israel in 1956 and designs and manufactures state of the art rubber and plastic products.
. The company operates throughout Israel, with 3 manufacturing plants and 1 managerial facility, which oversee the marketing, management, administration and sales of the company, in Tel Aviv. Sales offices are also based in North American and Europe, with logistical facilities in the USA and Germany, in order to best cope with delivery demands,

The firm works closely with its clients in order to tailor the rubber and plastic products to the customers' needs. The company uses the latest state-of-the-art technology for its products while also utilizing its in-house R&D department, with state of the art designing tools and material laboratories taking the product from the concept stage through design and prototyping till mass production.

They are offering a wide variety of products, dependent on the needs of the client, with products in sectors such as CBRN (Skin and Respiratory Protection), Automotive, Defense, Transportation, Infrastructure, Industry and Aerospace. The firm's products include hood latches, supports, plastic parts, window seals and air deflectors, amongst many others.
The company is ISO-9001, TS-16949, NSF and IMOD (Israeli Ministry of Defense) certified. International customers include top OEM's manufactures in North America and Europe. Main customers include OEM's such as Navistar, MAN and VW.

The company is looking for partnerships and joint ventures that will allow for its products to be manufactured and distributed in a way that increases its global market in the most efficient way, creates global alliances which can help to attain new customer.

While looking to expand the company customer base, they are also interesting in joint ventures with partners that will provide the company a more complete solution in which to approach their customers. The company is also looking for an outsourcing agreement, which can also compliment and serve its customer base in order to offer a better overall solution.

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Compared to other companies offering similar products, this company differs in that it offers innovation from concept to production. It is always committed ensuring its products are of the highest possible quality. - All the rubber technologies in house (extrusion, injection, compression, etc.). - The company has in-house capabilities to develop and design products and apparatuses monitoring quality control and improving manufacturing performance - The company has logistical facilities in Germany and in the US. - Very short time to market - Has all the relevant quality certifications

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Already on the market

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Seeking new customers for our capabilities. The company is looking for joint ventures with similar companies to create strategic alliances globally, as well as being able to better its approach to gaining new customers. Through a joint venture, the company is interested in partnering with companies with whom they can collaborate with in order to provide their customers with the complete solution. With the outsourcing agreement, the company is looking to utilize this type of partnership to best compliment and serve its customer base in order to offer a better overall solution.

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SME 51-250