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A Polish SME operating in the plastic and the rubber business is seeking for distribution services agreement and offers production under subcontracting or manufacturing agreement.

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Plastic fabricators
Distributors, imports and wholesalers
Manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms


The Polish company acting on the market of plastic materials and articles is looking for distribution agreements to expand its sales abroad. The company is also interested in manufacturing or subcontracting agreements with foreign producers of plastic materials and articles needing production resources.



The Polish company has been operating in the plastic and the rubber industry since 2017. The owner of Polish SME specializes in advisory and commercial activities in the field of plastic industry. A Polish businessmen offering fluorine and silicone products from leading Polish companies operating on the Polish and foreign markets. The owner of the company is the exclusive distributor on the Polish market of one-part silicone rubber products and two-part silicone rubbers products, which are produced by a German company.

The Polish entrepreneur has to offer the following range of plastics:
Fluorocarbon rubber is characterized by high chemical resistance and resistance to high temperatures. Products made of fluoride rubber are characterized by low gas permeability and fire resistance. The offer includes blends, plates, cords, and special profiles made of fluorocarbon rubber.
Another category of products that the Polish company sells are silicone rubber products. The offer includes:
-silicone gaskets,
-silicone hoses
-silicone cords,
-ready-mix silicones for further processing.
Silicone rubbers are characterized by high resistance to high temperatures, atmospheric conditions and ozone. This product is widely used in medicine, construction, electrical engineering, food industry, automotive industry and many others.

The Polish company has got experience in commercial co-operation with partners from other countries such as Germany Netherlands, China and requires the same from other companies. The company is looking for new potential business partners in every industry, as well as specialized retail chains to expand its markets from the European Union and beyond. The company is open for cooperation under subcontracting or manufacturing agreement for other plastic materials and articles production companies that need additional production capacities.

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A Polish entrepreneur cooperates with companies that supply the highest quality blends and fluorine products to customers in Poland and throughout Europe. They have extensive experience in fluorocarbon for the manufacture of seals. The company supplies raw materials for the production of seals in the form of fluorine mixtures and finished products such as plates, cords, profiles. Silicone products are sold in many sizes, types and comply with the standards applicable in the food industry. The Polish SME offers a wide range of products with specific designs and properties. Orders are made according to individual customer requirements. The company sells ready-made silicone mixes for further processing, available in a wide range of hardness and colors. The parameters of silicone mixes customers according to their needs, so their quality is always in line with expectations. The company also undertake non-standard orders - cords with all cross sections and non-standard profiles. By using the latest technology by the manufacturer silicone products are the highest quality product, so they remain durable and will not change their properties for years. High quality materials, competitive prices and reliability. Production tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer. Promptness and robustness of product preparation.

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The company is looking for foreign partners in order to conclude distribution services agreement, manufacturing agreement and subcontracting agreements. The potential partner is expected to have relevant experience in the similar activity fields and in the international cooperation. The company is looking for the reliable partners and is highly interested in a long-term cooperation. The company is searching for foreign retailers and wholesalers interested to acquire the products, in the form of distribution services agreements. The company is interested in finding distributors with experience in the plastic and the rubber industry. Also, the company offers plastic materials and articles production capacities under subcontracting or manufacturing agreement for solid plastic products manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and other businesses partners from any industry who might have interest in manufacturing of solid chemical products like silicone rubber, fluorocarbon rubber. Partners can be from all European Union and beyond.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500