Enterprise Europe Network


Participating in an Enterprise Europe Network event could be your first step towards new international business opportunities. 

The Network organises different types of business-oriented events:

Brokerage events – also known as business ‘speed dating’ – bring together businesses and other organisations looking for partners to take their projects forward. 
They often take place alongside international trade fairs and conferences. 
Participants share their partnership offers or requests and schedule meetings in advance.

Trade missions – also known as company missions – are international visits for small groups of businesses. 
These tailor-made missions lead to many successful partnerships thanks to thorough preparation and local knowledge. 
Your business can either travel abroad to meet potential business partners or receive delegations from other countries.

Conferences, training sessions, seminars and workshops can help you prepare your business for international expansion. 
These events focus on topics covered by the Network advisory and support services. Topics include innovation, access to international markets, funding opportunities, regulations and standards.